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We endeavor to address real issues that we have either experienced in the field in the course of doing work, using over 100 community interviews to help fill the gap where the need is.  Please consider making a donation to our organization for the projects listed here through the donate button or Zelle to

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Project Red

We started Project Red through 1863FWD when were conducting R3 interviews. Women began to speak about the lack of gender responsiveness to their issues and one of them was the lack of sanitary products to address their menstrual cycle and having underwear.  We also found that plus size women in carceral institutions don't have as many options due to the limited sizes available. We made our first drop off to Cook County Jail in June 2022. In purchasing garments, 2X and up was much more expensive for three pairs.

Swimsuits Hanging

Maggie's Place: A Dementia Cafe

We are manifesting a partnership to offer respite care services to individuals caring for alder adults impacted by dementia as a means to provide individual counseling, group counseling, psychoeducation, respite, active treatment and engagement for those journeying through this experience. 

We are seeking a space, equipment, supplies, furniture and volunteers.

Happy Senior Couple

The Anderson Project

In the midst of our interviewing for R3 we interviewed our youngest participant who reported he had just been discharged from prison without a prescription for his medical condition. He served time for a crime he did not commit, but did his "bit" for a relative. He was subsequently picked up and was sent back to prison. We found this out through a relative on his birthday. The staff all signed a card and mailed it to him with birthday wishes. To our surprise he wrote us back. It was that day that we started the Anderson Project, a letter writing campaign to those who are incarcerated. We need volunteer writers, cards, stamps and stationery.

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