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Jataun J Rollins, AM, LCSW

1863FWD LLC is a social enterprise that earned an amazing award in 2020 from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Restore, Reinvest & Renew (R3) and Chicago Beyond.   A 25-year employee of local state government with 23 years of child welfare experience moving from direct service to Senior Management as the Associate Deputy Director of Community Resources in which she provided oversight of the Emergency and Therapeutic Foster Care program, Foster Home Recruitment, 33 statewide Family Advocacy Centers and the Norman Program services. She spent the last two years managing the Employment and Training program under Workforce Development at DHS.​Outside of her past full-time career, Ms. Rollins has experience as an Early Intervention Specialist, Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and an Artisan, making African American inspired dolls. Ms. Rollins also served as an Adjunct Professor of Social Welfare Policy (SWP) and Human Behavior in the Social Environment (HBSE) at Northeastern Illinois University and SWP at Chicago State University in the Social Work Department.​​

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1863FWD Meaning

1863FWD's name is a nod to a historic moment in history when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863. It would be the 13th Amendment that would actually liberate the enslaved, but the ramifications of that new freedom has continued to reveal an imbalance in power, access economics and true liberty left.

This indelible imprint has limited generations of people to move forward or exact free will and determination differently  than others who have fared better due to their privilege.

1863FWD symbolically represents our need as a society to move forward. We need to acknowledge  circumstances, challenges and adversities that does not equate to equity for disenfranchised, disinvested and vulnerable communities.

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